Through the years we have helped companies with branding and advertising, companies such as Ryds Glas, Bombardier, SKF, ABB among others. We provide complete solutions and offer unique campaigns, we provide graphic profiling, advertising, layout, design, and marketing solutions.

Some of the companies we've produced for:




Ryds Glas

Sweden's leading company on system solutions for windows, doors and façades. We have over the years produced various campaigns, web banners, print ads, signs, posters and even movies for Ryds Glas. Logos and graphic profiles are produced by LAJ Illustration AB.

Ryd Glass Railings


  • Webb-banners
  • Print Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Graphic Profile


Ryds Glas Let the Light! 250x240 Ryd Glass Railings 250x240






  • Ryd Glass Injury!

  • Ryd glass glazing on your way

  • Ryd Glass Railings!

  • Ryd Glass Railings!

  • Ryd Glass Railings!

  • Ryds Glas Let the Light!

  • Ryd Glass Railings!

  • Ryd glass glazing on your way?


Ryds Glas Let the Light
Ryds Glas 3D Fit


Bennströms needed to show their products in an unique way. Laj developed caricatures which are now regularly used in Bennströms's marketing. Print ads and webb-pages along with contact forms has been a great marketing combination and a way for customers to find, reach and to take part in various campaigns. This clever marketing, has proven to be a concept that works and helps to increase sales.

Benn's Landing Pages


  • This clever marketing
  • Webb-banners
  • Landing Pages
  • Homepage

Benn's to new heights! WebbannerBenn's Mys with our sunscreen! Web banner



  • Bennströms Fashion Week

  • Benn's to new heights

  • Benn's Now we want Sol

  • Bennströms - We love awnings!

  • Everything inside of Benn's

  • Benn's Calm, Once the sun shines again

  • Benn's My's with vertical blinds

  • Benn's Bold Awning Campaign

  • Benn's Reload the next Markis Season

  • Benn's TINPOT Most awning contest!

  • Benn's Our awnings have provided shade over 45 year!

Bennströms 15% on awnings, Webbanner Bennströms Campaigns 15% on awnings. Webbanner


LAJ has produced Bombardier's business plan broschures for several years. It includes internal information material for Bombardier Transportation.

The material has been presented to thousands of employees in internal events. It has been used for inspiration and for informational purposes describing the annual business plan. The brochure has been developed together with the management team.

Laj has been a part of the entire process: from idea, layout, design, shooting, to implementation and printing.


  • Idea
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Shooting
  • Creation of original material for printing
  • Film Presentation

Bombardier Business plan facsimile


One of the leading tire suppliers in Sweden needed help with their branding. Laj produced a “Winter tires, with bite” campaign and has since then continued making campaigns for Däckteam.


  • Idea
  • Layout
  • Print Ads

“These ads are the ones that gave us the most attention ever. It's almost daily that customers come in and say they saw our ad and we have never experienced this before. An ad that makes us stand out from the others and makes us unique.” (Per Larsson, Centrala Gummi AB, Örebro.)


“This is an ad people really see. I have never had such a good response to any advertisement before.” (Peter Winge, Hedemora Däckservice AB.)

Däckteam We will help you when it feels heavy!
  • Däckteam Slide 1

  • Winter tires, with bite!

  • Däckteam Good tires protect you!

  • Däckteam Slide 4

Däckteam Only 3 mm left?
Däckteam Perfect winter grip! Avoid Katta Strophe
Däckteam Summer with swing!
Däckteam Good tires protect you!


An equipment rental company in Västerås and Hallstahammar. We were given the task to market their rental equipment. What's cooler than big, loud and awesome machines?!



  • Idea
  • Layout
  • Print Ads

Rental equipment Logo

Rental equipment Rent Cool Machine

Rental equipment Rent your snow thrower with us

Rental equipment Get Power Meet vibrate!

Rental equipment frenzy on your patio construction

Rental equipment We are now in Koping