We produce technical illustrations in 3D, visualize complex flows and clarify advanced features and processes.



Do you want to be competitive in an competitive industry? We think it's important to present a product in a professional way. LAJ provides a range of design services. We emphasize, function, form, production requirements, aesthetics, environment and your vision when we design. We think that brilliant ideas should be presented in brilliant ways. In short, we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

Painting Robot

Technical Manuals

We have produced several technical manuals over the years, for companies such as Assa, AD Tranz, Kenrex, Tapwell and many more. Below you can find some examples of technical manuals. Click on the pictures or download pdf here.

Tapwell Assembly instructions Tapwell Assembly instructions Tapwell Assembly instructions Tapwell Assembly instructions



Aroseken Interior Aroseken Single Room with Balcony Aroseken Private Rooms

Aroseken Interior Kitchen Aroseken Living Room Downstairs Aroseken Room with a view

Aroseken Interior Staircase Aroseken Villas Street Aroseken Villas Street