Virtual Reality

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  • Virtual Reality LAJ Illustration
  • Virtual Reality LAJ Illustration

Is virtual reality really the future?

Virtual Reality means to replicate real sensations with virtual developed sensory inputs. Environments can vary and can either mimic reality or fantasy.

Why have we not used this technology until now?

The simple answer is that the technology simply has not been good enough to create realistic 3D environments in real time. A necessity for the VR experience to be convincing is good technology.

What more is required?

  • High refresh rate and responsiveness on the image displayed. This requires very fast hardware to measure the movement of the head and to quickly update the image according to this.
  • Unfortunately just a few milliseconds too long rendering time will make create an artificial experience.
  • High resolution and good picture quality- Very advanced screen technology is required because the eyes are placed close to the screen. Good Screen technology will fix pixelated, blurry or unreal feeling.
  • Interaction. The technology still has shortcomings in interaction today. It is difficult to interact with a virtual environment if there are no simulated hands inside the virtual world. Fortunately, there are advanced controllers today.

No worries, LAJ will help you with this, and more!

We help your business with VR solutions. Future marketing and digital services are increasingly sophisticated and refined, and that's why we think it is important to keep up with technology and offer our customers high-quality Virtual Reality.

How does VR work?

We build 3D environments where you can freely move around, either with a Samsung and Occulus Rift or HTC Vive. This technology can help a customer that is confronted with an important and big choice that initially couldn't be visualized with just images. It may be important to see how the building design looks before purchase. Customers may want to see the house, villa or apartment with another color on the walls, lighting may need adjusting, wall colour choice or window choice and other architectural choices may have to be nailed down. We will help you visualize your dreams!

We believe that virtual reality can be used for:

  • A teaser at trade shows
  • A good application for optional customizations for house vendors
  • A great sales tool and a eye-opener for people that needs help to visualize their choice before making a purchase, a 3D model can help , and the immersiveness of Virtual Reality would be a helpful solution.
  • Viewing 3D photographs for your environments.

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